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                                                             Love is Everything 2013 production



 LOve is Everything is one the most Beautiful Cnotemporay dance you have ever seen.

This is link to TV4 intervju with Chorreographer and artistic ledar of EMDC


About EMDC

Extreme Modern Dance Company
Berra Saadi is the artistic director of Extreme Modern dance companies. He has actively worked as a choreographer over Sweden in the last 15 years but is now investing in the establishment of company in Stockholm.

Company was founded in 2002 in Stockholm by touring and guest appearances on the program, but after the city’s bustle and diversity of India Company moved to Skövde in connection with the dance school Performing Dance.
The school has its own dance club and the only Modern dance school one hour from Gotemborg .
Berra Saadi move from Stockholm to bring the exile   Introduce modern dance in small towns.
He started Performingdamce School in contemporary dance and Classical Balett in sout side of Gotemborg .

The next largest city in Sweden.2004-2013

Past productions
The company has set S.O.A.P. As part of the Swedish Dance Center project “Introducing dance”, Stockholm
Jambalaya on Natali’s Tsypkine regional Russian dance festival, Stockholm.
Four Elements were played in St. Petersburg International Dance Film Festival – Live Kinodance at Kulturhuset Lava, Stockholm.
Chaos and parts of Seven Lives to Be in the Mirror Theatre, Stockholm.

‘SEVEN  Scens  Is a Set of Seven Scenes

That Take Place in a room independently from eachothers Where The viewer Comes To notice the Difference Between the separate stories of the Dance. “ 27 dencer particpeted in this production .


  • Modern dance companies presented:
    Six degree of inner Turbulance

    Falsh dance
    From the musical “Flashdance, wonderful dance set on Cultur Hous in Skovde
    Extreme Modern Dance Company is the only Company that has clear targets to stage this fantastic show.
    In the musical DERIVING ALEX (JENNIFER) S STRUGGLE TO BECOME INDEPENDENT, AND FIND LOVE realize his dream to dance at the Pittsburgh Conservatory of Dance.

       Bach IN               Cello Music sets  Jönköping  2008

      Choreography: Berra Saadi

      – Shown at City Theatre 2006 12 17
Together with a number of dancers from performing professional dance dancing line Royal Ballet

It is modern ballet. Wonderful to behold. Playful, gentle music, beautiful






Berra Saadi är konstnärlig ledare för Extrem Modern Dans Kompani. Han har jobbat aktivt som koreograf runt om i Sverige de senaste 15 åren men satsar nu på att etablera kompaniet i Västra Götaland och Stockholm. Visionen är att med stadens hjälp kunna föra ut den moderna dansen till mindre städer runt om i Sverige.

Kompaniet startades upp 2002 i Stockholm med turné och gästspel på repertoaren,men efter storstadens vimmel och mångfald flyttade kompaniet till Skövde i samband med dansskolan Performingdance (f.moderna dansare/Gymnaster). Skolan har egen danslokal  och är  den enda dansskolanmed modern balett på schemat i Västra Götaland  .

Tidigare produktioner

Senaste åren har kompaniet satt upp S.O.A.P, som en del av det Svenska Dans Center Projektet “Introducing dance”, Stockholm 

TWO & TWO   Stockholm kulturhus 17 maj  2002

En tidresa mellan verklighet och illussion.

 Jambalayapå Natali Tsypkine’s regionala Ryska dans festival, Stockholm.

Four Elements played in St Petersburg International Dance Film Festival – Kinodance  2004

  Cannon dance company is a contemporary arts and company in russia.

 L.i.v.e. spelades  på Kulturhuset Lava, Stockholm.

Kaosoch delar från Seven Lives to Bepå Spegelteatern, Stockholm.

SEVEN LIVES TO BE is a set of seven scenes that take place in a room independently from each other where the viewer comes to notice the difference between the separate stories of the dance.”

E.Modern dance company prescents.

 Sex degree of inner Turbulance   year  2005

High school in Skövde  6 degrees of….

 Falsh dance  Culture Center Skövde

Bach In     performance  with live  cello musik

2 Acts        75 min  15 dancers participate.

Choreographer: : Berra Saadi   It was performed for City theatre  2006 .

Performing .project .

Project description. TRIO

I love Balett dec 2011

Love is everything föreställning för

Modern balett älskare    Musiker:Lasse Hagström


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