Vaganovabalett Stockholm

Vaganova is one of the oldest technique training for all dancers of all ages.

Performing dance and atistics leader of  contemporary dance company

Welcome to sign up. Our Russian contact Natalia in Stockholm 0762 348505

Do you want to dance during summer !

 You are a professional dancer or  just want to learn to dance classical ballet.

We help you with accommodation and hope you can enjoy the beautiful summer classes in Stockholm city.

View on youtube. se / extreme moderndance compani

Berra is a choreographer who can make differences for those who want to get to a higher level.

We are also working Toe Point as well as for advans students .

Place:Konradsbergshallen (T-Thorlidsplan )

Info: +46(0) 72662031

Registration :
 bidb 1

3 thoughts on “Vaganovabalett Stockholm”

  1. Hello

    I was wondering what times and dates you have got ballet and gymnastics in Konradsberg for 7-year olds this autumn and also come spring. I can’t find any information on your website. I was also wondering about the open house during the autumn break that I read in the newspaper. Thank you in advance for your information.
    Kind regards
    Ulrika Wetternin

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